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Human birth is said to be one of the most privileged ones amongst all. However, the purpose of being born in the human form is not just to accumulate wealth and enjoy the materialistic world. Although, in doing so, we do get a false sense of achievement which is often short lived. Hence, it is important to understand what is a true sense of accomplishment. And for that, one understand and recognize one’s own self. Meditation helps in the process. At AMEMS, Meditation is a part of curriculum where every student is taught to practice meditation every day. It not only calms their minds, but also boosts their focus, clarity of thoughts and intelligence.


Reading is a ‘must-to-instil’ habit in children for many reasons. It not only boosts their knowledge and vocabulary bank but also stimulates their mind to think in different ways. At AMEMS, we comprehend the importance of such a stimulating learning environment and to promote better learning, our facilities are equipped with a full-fledged library housing a vast repository of books, journals, magazines, newspapers under different categories.


Technology has become one of the important part of our lives today. Computer education is the basic need and every child must have computer skills. They not only stimulates thinking but also develop sensory skills. Keeping this in mind, we have incorporated Computer Education in our curriculum. AMEMS has a High-tech IT Studio with latest Computers and versions of Softwares. Computer practicals are scheduled in a way that each student get the access to one computer.


Laboratory provides means of learning better in Science. It plays an important role in facilitating the understanding of the theories children learn in the classrooms. It provides space to experiment on the theories and learn the action and reactions involved. It also fosters investigative skills, problem solving skills and analytical skills in children. At AMEMS, we encourage our students to use Science Lab for their studies and have included Lab times as a part of the curriculum.


Keeping fit and healthy is of utmost importance. Any ailment, big or small, can not only weaken the body but also cause lack of concentration and other issues. At AMEMS, we consider our students’ health as our priority. We have established Health Centre in our school that has a team of qualified nurses and pediatrician to provide proper & timely medical care to our students. We also encourage regular health checkup for all our students and faculties. The Centre keeps the health records of all the students in order to provide proper treatment, if required. Emergencies are dealt with high priority and we have special arrangements with all the nursing homes in the vicinity.


AMEMS Hostel Facilities are designed keeping in mind children’s safety and comfort. The facility resides at the heart of campus and is available to students from Class I till X. Surrounded by lush natural environment, it is equipped with 24 /7 security and full-time administrative staff to ensure proper care and safety of students. A strict schedule is followed to ensure and encourage a disciplined and healthy routine. A regular day begins with jogging in the morning and sports in the evening. Students also have special subject coaching. Weekends are relaxed and filled with fun activities.


Cricket is the most loved sports in our country. It not only provides an opportunity of physical training, but also fosters the values of sportsmanship. AMEMS houses a huge and well-maintained cricket ground on the campus. The ground provides a safe and high quality ground surface to students to practice and play cricket. Students also enjoy professional coaching and training on cricket from our dedicated cricket coach. The ground & sports’ equipment are well maintained and available to students under proper guidance.


It is said, “You are what you eat”. Food makes our body function and is an important source of nourishment and energy for our body & mind. Hence, it is imperative that the meal we consume is healthy and hygienic. At AMEMS, we have a huge, spacious and well-maintained dining hall where students are served healthy meals four times a day, including breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. Pure Vegetarian Food is prepared in a clean and hygienic kitchen by experienced & trained chefs under the supervision of qualified dietician who ensure that the food on the menu has variety, high nutritional value and provides a balanced diet to students. Students are also taught table manners during the meal by our house parents and staff.


At AMEMS, we believe in holistic growth of children. This includes nurturing their innate talents and creativity too. And our Art & Craft Studio serves the purpose. Under the guidance of our art teachers, students learn to express themselves through different forms of arts and develop their creativity. We organize several art & craft activities and competitions for them all round the year wherein, they enthusiastically take part and showcase their skills. They are also encouraged to participate in art & craft activities outside the school. For aspiring children, we also provide special coaching on arts like Handcraft, Glass Painting, Poster Designing, Rangoli, etc.