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The only truth in the universe is ‘Atma’ (the Divine Soul, the Self, Universal Energy, Consciousness or God). That’s the only reality; everything else is transitory and perishable. Innumerable changes happen within nature, but Atma always remains constant, it neither has a beginning, nor an end. It is immortal.

Atma existed before any concept of God, so it is important to love and worship it. Contemplation and meditation on Atma even for a moment, can take us toward the experience that we and Atma are One (Self-realization) worshiping Atma is Worshiping all Gods.

Atma is present in all of us, residing in our heart,The easiest and most effective way to attain Atma is to medicate in the Self. Do not look for the Self outside but medicate within to realize God. Atma is formless and without any physical properties. It is easier to see Atma with a form. This manifestation in a form is One, who is always absorbed in Atma. Constant meditation on this form in our heart will lead to Self-realization.

Atma is omnipotent,omnipresent,omniscient.It Does not belong to any particular country, Wroldview or religion. Any human begin can attain Self-realization by meditating upon Atma. Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Prophet Mohammed, Shri Krishna, Lord Mahavir, Guru Nanak, Prophet Zarathustra and other saints throughout history, all attained Self-realization because they meditated on Atma constantly and became One with Atma.


Every child has unique abilities. At Atma Malik English Medium School & Jr. College, we nurture these unique abilities. We believe that education is not limited to the theories of books; it is beyond the pages of books that there’s immense knowledge. One must tap into the full self potential to acquire this knowledge. And looking inwards is the best ways to do it.

At Atma Malik English Medium School & Jr. College, we focus on student’s holistic growth. Under the able guidance of our Guru Atma Malik Gurudev, we provide our students, a stimulating environment, enabling their young minds to think in constructive manner, giving their curiosities, a positive direction.

We are inspired by the philosophy of creating generation that has stronger and calmer minds, are progressive and operate from the values of compassion, mutual respect and trust. In this pursuit, we adopt quite a disciplined and unique methodology to mould our students. Yoga, Meditation, Sports and Cultural Programs are the integral part of the syllabus at our school which provides our students with enough opportunities of holistic growth.



To mould the masterminded, perfect citizens of the nation as well as the world.


The vision of Atma Malik English Medium School & Junior College is to establish an educational institution where everyone will get education in spiritual environment. Moreover an educational institution “where parents can demand”.